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TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 11/16/2005

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: No longer produced
Category: Computer System, Pentium
Manufacturer: BAE Systems
Model: YT1-PEN/90/TW3
Description: The YT1-PEN/90-TW3 is a TEMPEST 90 MHz PENTIUM computer system with 8 MB memory and 256 KB of write-back cache. The system board has 7 expansion slots; two PCI, four ISA, and one combination slot for 16-bit ISA or PCI option boards. Four 72-pin sockets for tin-lead DRAM SIMMs accommodate 4 MB 8 MB 16 MB and 32 MB 70 ns or faster SIMMs for up to 128 MB maximum memory upgrade. The system includes two on-board serial ports, one on-board parallel port, an integrated PCI IDE controller, a combination 1.2 MB/1/44 MB floppy diskette drive, an AT-style DIN keyboard connector, and a 101-key Wang TEMPEST keyboard. The system supports 1.2 MB or 1.44 MB floppy diskette drive formats. The system has Flash AMIBIOS. The system chassis is powered by a 300 watt switching-regulated power supply. The AC input voltage is as follows:
The YT1-PEN/90-TW3 system tower chassis is 23 1/2" high, 23" deep and 10" wide. The chassis accommodates seven full length cards, five half height storage device bays (one diskette bay and four removable hard, media removable optical, CDROM, or fixed tape drive bays). Located on the front panel are the on/off switch with indicator LED and the disk activity indicator LED. Configured Options:
ModelBasic Unit With Included Options
YT1-PEN/90-TW390MHZ Pentium/PCI/8MB Memory/Combination 1.2/1.44MB Floppy Diskette Drive/724 keyboard/7 Slots
YT1-TW3-CK-xxTCountry Kit (includes 724 Keyboard). The YT1-PEN/90- TW3 comes with a TEMPEST 724 keyboard witch has all the necessary keys to run any Wang or industry-standard application program. The unique layout of the 724 keyboard satisfies both U.S. (109-key) and international (110-key) requirements. This is accomplished by selectively keycapping over unused keys. The "xx" represents (AE) Azerty English, (AS) Australian, (AZ) French/Belgium, (CA) Canadian English, (CF) Canadian French, (FL) Flemish, (GE) German, (IT) Italian, (UK) United Kingdom, (US) United States.
ModelUpgrade Option
YT1-UJ-TW2-TW3Upgrade from Tower 2 to Tower 3
Model Memory Option
YT1-QUAD-SIM-04 4 MB Memory Module (1x36)
YT1-QUAD-SIM-08 8 MB Memory Module (2x36)
YT1-QUAD-SIM-16 16 MB Memory Module (4x36)
YT1-QUAD-SIM-32 4 MB Memory Module (8x36)
YT1-R-8MB-2/8MB Replace 8 MB (two 4MB) with two 8MB
YT1-R-8-2/16MB Replace 8 MB (two 4MB) with two 16 MB
YT1-R-8-2/32MB Replace 8 MB (two 4MB) with two 32 MB
Model IDE Drive, Drive Tray & Cable Options
YT1-IDE-540-2T 540 MB Removable IDE Drive Version 2
YT1-IDE-1GB-T 1 GB Removable IDE Drive Version 2
YT1-DDTRAY-VER2 IDE Docking Drive Tray Version 2
Model SCSI Device Options
YT1-1GBSHD-ET 1 GB SCSI Removable (Docking) Disk Drive
YT1-2GB-SDD-T 2 GB SCSI Removable (Docking) Disk Drive
YT1-4GB-SDD-T 4 GB SCSI Removable (Docking) Disk Drive
YT1-TDAT-TW 2 GB + Digital Audio Tape Drive
YT1-4GB-DAT-TW3 4 GB Digital Audio Tape Drive
YT1-4XCDROM-TW3 4X CDROM Internal Drive
YT1-DDTRAY-2T SCSI Docking Drive Tray
Model Communication Options
YT1-TW-DIGI16FO ISA Digiboard with Fiber Optic Concentrator
YT1-DIGI-ADD8FO Additional 8 Port Fiber Optic Breakout Box for Digiboard
YT1-3C509B-TW3 802.3 16-bit 3C509 Network Interface Card
YT1-TW-ICA/RM Banyan Intelligent Communications Adapter/RM
YT1-TW-BANKEY Banyan Key
YT1-S-PORT-TWR Serial Port Board
Model Monitor Options
YT1-MON-1428T 14" SVGA Color Monitor
YT1-MON-1428ST 14" SVGA Color Monitor (Southern Hemisphere)
YT1-14-VIA-TW3T 14" Monitor Video Interface Adapter
YT1-1428TWR-xxT 14" Monitor Country Kit (Cables and Documentation)
YT1-MON-15-T 15" Color Monitor
YT1-15-VIA-TW3 15" Monitor Video Interface Adapter
YT1-MON15-CK-xx 15" Monitor Country Kit (Cables & Documentation)
YT1-VDC-PCI-T PCI Video Graphics Adapter
ModelPointing Device
YT1-PC-MOUSE-TSerial Mouse
Model Miscellaneous Options
YT1-FLASH-5MB 5MB Flash Memory


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