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TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 11/16/2005

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: No longer produced
Category: Computer, Personal
Manufacturer: BAE Systems
Model: YT1-P/XXX-P33X
Description: The YT1-P/XXX-P33X series Personal Computer is a 133, 166 and 200 MHz Pentiumsystem that supports up to 192 MB of EDO DRAM in six 72 pin SIMM sockets and includes 256-KB write back cache memory. The sockets support 512 KB x 32 (2MB double sided SIMMs only), 1M x 32 (4MB), 2M x 32 (8MB), 4M x 32 (16MB), 8M x 32 (32MB), 16M x 32 (64MB) and 32M x 32 (128MB) single-sided or double sided SIMM modules, Minimum memory size is 16MB and maximum memory size, using four 32M x 32 SIMM modules, is 192MB. Memory timing requires 70 ns fast page devices or, for optimum performance 60 ns EDO DRAM, 36 bit SIMM modules may be used for parity or ECC generation and checking. There are no jumper settings required for the memory size or type, which is automatically detected by the system BIOS. The YT1-P/XXX-P33X uses the Intel 82430HX PCIset, and has two independent integrated high performance bus-mastering PCI IDE interfaces capable of supporting PIO Mode 3 and Mode 4 devices. The processor supports both read and write burst mode bus cycles, and includes separate 8-KB on-chip and 8-KB data write-back caches and an advanced numeric coprocessor. The YT1-P/XXX-P33X also provides Advanced Power Management which meets the requirements of the EPA®s Energy Star program. The YT1-P/XXX-P33X has an ATI-264VT graphics controller integrated on the PCI bus with 1 MB video DRAM, upgradeable to either 2MB or 4MB and provides non-interlaced screen resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 x 256 colors at 72 Hz with 2 MB DRAM. Also integrated on the system board is an audio subsystem which is based upon the Creative Labs Vibra 16S audio controller and Yamaha OPL3 FM synthesizer. The National Semiconductor PC87306B Super I/O Controller provides the standard PC I/O functions including floppy interface, two 16C550 compatible serial ports with FIFO and support for an IrDA compliant Infra Red interface, one EPP/ECP capable parallel port, a Real-time clock, and PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports. PCI and ISA expansion slots are supported on the baseboard via a riser board. The YT1-P/XXX-P33X supports either the Wang 101-key 724 keyboard or the 104/105 Windows95 keyboard. Security Features:
  • Administrative Password: If enabled, the administrative password protects all sensitive Setup options from being changed by a user unless the password is entered.
  • User Password: The user password feature provides security, preventing the system from booting or entering setup unless the user selected password is entered during the boot process.
  • Setup Enable Jumper: A motherboard configuration jumper controls access to the BIOS Setup utility. By setting the jumper to the disable position, the user is prevented from accessing the Setup utility during the Power-On Self Test or at any other time.
  • Floppy Write Protect: A BIOS setup option prevents writing to any attached floppy drives. This field is controlled by the administrative password and can be altered only if the administrative password (if set) is entered.
  • Double-locked protection of chassis: A key-operated lock on the rear panel of the system prevents unauthorized removal of the cover. Also, a hole drilled in the frame and cover can accommodate a customer-supplied padlock. The YT1-P/XXX-P33X system desktop chassis, which is 4.3 inches high by 16.2 inches deep by 17.2 inches wide, has five expansion slots (two PCI slots and three ISA slots). In addition, the system includes a 3.5-inch 1.44-MB diskette drive and has two 5.25-inch, half-height device bays accessible from the front of the unit. The peripheral drive bay has a locking front door for added security. The system is available in both 110 volt and 220 volt versions and has a 200 watt power supply which operates at 50/60 hz. Configured Options:
    YT1-P/XXX-P33X Base Models
    YT1-166MHz-P33 166MHz CPU Upgrade
    YT1-200MHz-P33200MHz CPU Upgrade
    YT1-EDO-088MB Memory (EDO) (2x36)
    YT1-EDO-1616MB Memory (EDO) (4x36)
    YT1-EDO-3232MB Memory (EDO) (8x36)
    YT1-1MB-VIDEOUpgrade to 2MB Video DRAM
    YT1-3MB-VIDEOUpgrade to 4MB Video DRAM
    YT1-SECURE-FAXSecure FAX Controller
    YT1-3C590-COMBOPCI 802.3 NIC
    YT1-SCSI/W/NPCI SCSI Controller (Wide and Narrow)
    YT1-IDE-2GB-T2GB IDE Drive
    YT1-IDE-4GB-T4GB IDE Drive
    YT1-IDE-CDROMIDE CDROM (internal)
    YT1-JAZZ-P33Jazz Drive
    YT1-JAZZ-1GB-TJazz 1GB Cartridge
    YT1-MON-15A-T15" Monitor
    YT1-P33VIA-1515" Monitor VIA for P33T
    YT1-MON-17-T17" Monitor
    YT1-P33VIA-1717" Monitor VIA for P33T
    YT1-724KB-AZ724 Keyboard-Azerty French
    YT1-724KB-GE724 Keyboard-German
    YT1-724KB-IT724 Keyboard-Italian
    YT1-724KB-UK724 Keyboard-United Kingdom
    YT1-724KB-US724 Keyboard-United States
    YT1-WIN95-KB-AZWindows95 Keyboard-Azerty French
    YT1-WIN95-KB-GEWindows95 Keyboard-German
    YT1-WIN95-KB-ITWindows95 Keyboard-Italian
    YT1-WIN95-KB-UKWindows95 Keyboard-United Kingdom
    YT1-WIN95-KB-USWindows95 Keyboard-United States
    YT1-724KB-VIA724 Keyboard Interface Adapter
    YT1-WIN95KB-VIAWIN95 Keyboard Interface Adapter
    YT1-MOUSE2-TPS/2 Mouse
    YT1-MOUSE2-LPS/2 Mouse-Left
    YT1-X25-C20X.25 Protocol Wide Area Network Interface Adapter


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