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YT1-xP200- xxx

TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 11/16/2005

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: No longer produced
Category: Computer, Personal
Manufacturer: BAE Systems
Model: YT1-xP200- xxx
Description: The YT1-xP200-xxx is a TEMPEST 200MHz single or dual processor Pentium Pro tower computer system, which supports processors with 256KB or 512KB internally integrated second-level cache. The motherboard has four DIMM (Double In-Line Memory Modules) sockets and supports from 16MB up to 512MB system memory, utilizing 16, 32, 64, and 128MB buffered 60 ns EDO memory with parity and ECC (error checking and correcting). The system board also has two independent high-performance bus-mastering PCI/IDE interfaces capable of supporting up to four PIO Mode 3, PIO Mode 4, and ATAPI IDE devices. The system chassis is powered by a 400 watt switching-regulated power supply. The AC input voltage is as follows:
The National Semiconductor PC87308 Super I/O Controller provides the standard PC I/O functions including floppy interface, two NS16C550 compatible serial ports, one EPP/ECP capable parallel port, a Real-time clock with century calendar functionality, and PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports. Other integrated system features include the Adaptec 7880 Ultra/Wide SCSI controller providing up to 40MB/second bandwidth, Intel's Pro 10/100MB Fast Ethernet and SoundBlaster compatible audio. The system motherboard has one PCI/ISA shared expansion slot and three PCI expansion slots. The YT1-xP200-xxx motherboard uses an AMI BIOS, which is stored in Flash EEPROM. The Flash EEPROM also contains Setup, Power-On-Self Tests (POST), (Advanced Power Management) APM 1.2, the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) autoconfiguration utility, and Plug and Play utilities. The YT1-xP200-xxx also provides Advanced Power Management which meets the requirements of the EPA's Energy Star program. The YT1-xP200-xxx system tower chassis is 23 1/2" high, 23" deep and 10" wide. The chassis accommodates four full length cards, five half height storage device bays (one diskette bay, on CDROM bay, and three removable hard drive bays). Located on the front panel are the on/off switch with indicator LED and the disk activity indicator LED. The YT1-xP200-xxx supports the TEMPEST-compliant 104/105 Windows95 Keyboard, and the 15" and 17" TEMPEST monitors. SECURITY FEATURES The security screen allows passwords to be set for Administrative mode and User mode. Administrative mode allows full access to Setup program options while User mode allows limited access to Setup program options. This enables the system administrator to restrict who can change options in the Setup program. Administrative Password: If enabled, the administrative password protects all sensitive Setup options from being changed by a user unless the password is entered. User Password: The user password feature provides security, preventing the system from booting or entering setup unless the user selected password is entered during the boot process. Configured Options: CPU
* YTI-SP200-256 Single 200MHz Pentium Pro/256K/OMB/144FDD/Video SCSI/NIC/ CDROM
* YT1-DP200-256 Dual 200MHz Pentium Pro/256K/OMB/144FDD/Video SCSI/NIC/CDROM
* YT1-SP200-512 Single 200MHz Pentium Pro/512K/OMB/144FDD/Video SCSI/NIC/ CDROM
* YT1-DP200-512 Dual 200MHz Pentium Pro/512K/OMB/144FDD/Video SCSI/NIC/CDROM
* YT1-SP200-256-I Single 200MHz Pentium Pro/256K/OMB/144FDD/Video SCSI/NIC/ CDROM/220v
* YT1-DP200-256-I Dual 200MHz Pentium Pro/256K/OMB/144FDD/Video SCSI/NIC/ CDROM/220v
* YT1-SP200-512-I Single 200MHz Pentium Pro/512K/OMB/144FDD/Video SCSI/NIC/ CDROM/220v
* YT1-DP200-512-I Dual 200MHz Pentium Pro/512K/OMB/144FDD/Video SCSI/NIC/ CDROM/220v
* YTI-UJ-DP-256 Upgrade to 200MHz Dual Processor with 256K Cache
* YT1-UJ-DP-512 Upgrade to 200MHz Dual Processor with 512K Cache
* YT1-DIMM-16 16MB Memory (DIMM)
* YT1-DIMM-32 32MB Memory (DIMM)
* YT1-DIMM-64 64MB Memory (DIMM)
* YT1-DIMM-128 128MB Memory (DIMM)
* YT1-SCSI-NE-T Narrow SCSI External cable with terminator
* YT1-SCSI-NI Narrow SCSI Internal cable
* YT1-10MB-FOCVT 10Mbit Fiber Optic Converter
* YT1-100MB-FOCVT 100Mbit Fiber Optic Converter
* YT1-FO-RPTR-TW4 4 Port 100Mbit Fiber Optic Repeater
* YT1-MON15-TW-AZ 15" Monitor Country Kit for TW4 (Azerty French)
* YT1-MON15-TW-GE 15" Monitor Country Kit for TW4 (German)
* YT1-MON15-TW-IT 15" Monitor Country Kit for TW4 (Italian)
* YT1-MON15-TW-UK 15" Monitor Country Kit for TW4 (United Kingdom)
* YT1-MON15-TW-US 15" Monitor Country Kit for TW4 (United States
* YT1-DDTRAY-VER2 IDE Docking Drive Tray Ver 2
* YT1-IDE-2GB-T 2GB IDE Drive
* YT1-IDE-4GB-T 4GB IDE Drive
* YT1-DDTRAY-2T SCSI Narrow TFF Tray
* YT1-2GB-SDD-T SCSI Narrow TFF 2GB Drive
* YT1-4GB-SDD-T SCSI Narrow TFF 4GB Drive
* YT1-9GB-SDD-T SCSI Narrow TFF 9GB Drive
* YT1-4GB-DAT-TW3 4GB DAT for TW4
* YT1-W95KBVIA-T4 WIN95 Keyboard Interface Adapter for T4
* YT1-WIN95-KB-AZ Windows95 Keyboard - Azerty French
* YT1-WIN95-KB-GE Windows95 Keyboard - German
* YT1-WIN95-KB-IT Windows95 Keyboard - Italian
* YT1-WIN95-KB-UK Windows95 Keyboard - United Kingdom
* YT1-WIN95-KB-US Windows95 Keyboard - United States
* YT1-MOUSE2-T PS/2 Mouse - Right
* YT1-MOUSE2-L PS/2 Mouse - Left
* YT1-MON-15A-T 15" Monitor
* YT1-VIA-15-TW4 15" Monitor Video Interface Adapter
* YT1-ASYN-TW4 Asynchronous Communications Adapter
* YT1-X25-TW4 X.25 Adapter


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