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588 TEMPEST Pentium

TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 07/14/2006

Title: TEMPEST Level II
Status: No longer produced
Category: Computer, Personal
Manufacturer: Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.
Model: 588 TEMPEST Pentium
Description: The EMCON 588 TEMPEST Level 2 Pentium Computer is based upon a high performance PCI/ ISA hybird bus system board using the Intel Triton HX chip set. The system board supports up to 7 optional cards (maximum 4 PCI) and provides on board EIDE and I/O support. The system is configured as either a mid-tower or desktop with three (3) half height 5.25 inch and two (2) 3.5 inch device bays. The system may be configured from the following components: * Processor: Intel Pentium 133, 166, 200 Mhz. * Cache Memory: 256 KB standard, 512 KB optional * RAM: 16 MB EDO standard, expandable to 256 MB. Error checking and correcting (ECC) RAM optional. * Removable Hard Disc Drives: EIDE or Ultra SCSI, capacities from 2 GB to 9 GB. * Floppy Drives: 1.2 MB 5.25", 1.44 MB 3.5", combo 1.2/1.44 MB. * SCSI Controllers: Adaptec AHA 2940U, PCI Bus, Adaptec AHA 2940UW, PCI, External SCSI Port available. * Video Controller: PCI Bus, 2 MB VRAM (4 MB VRAM Optional). * Ethernet Controller: PCI Bus, Fibre optic (FOIRL) or AUI interface. * Keyboard: 104/105 key Windows 95/Windows NT compatible. Foreign language variants available. * Mouse: Microsoft "J" type PS2 mouse. Serial Mouse optional. * CD ROM: EIDE or SCSI. * CDR Recordable: Upon Request * Monitors: EMCON T528UXL-2 15" SVGA Colour Monitor, EMCON T1730DC-2 17" SVGA Colour Monitor

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