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TEMPEST Level I: No Longer Produced

The following is a list of products for which the company has elected to permanently discontinue production.

TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

BAE SystemsCabinet, Multi-Media StorageYT1-SC-MMSM-4T
BAE SystemsComputerYT1-P/XXX-P36
BAE SystemsComputer System, PentiumYT1-PEN/90/TW3
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationComputer, Laptop425LT
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationComputer, Laptop450LT
Advanced Programs, Inc.Computer, LaptopNBTE-XXX
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationComputer, Laptop455LT
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationComputer, LaptopHT-475-T1-DL
Advanced Programs IncorporatedComputer, LaptopDWT-301
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationComputer, LaptopHT-430-T1-MP
Secure Systems GroupComputer, NotebookSSG 7365T-X
Secure Systems GroupComputer, NotebookSSG 7770T-X
Candes Systems IncorporatedComputer, Personal1486T-XX/XX
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationComputer, Personal270MTX
Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.Computer, Personal520 TEMPEST Pentium
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationComputer, Personal205MTX
BAE SystemsComputer, PersonalYT1-xP200- xxx
BAE SystemsComputer, PersonalYT1-P/XXX-P33X
BAE SystemsComputer, PersonalYT1-P/XXX-P34X
Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.Computer, PersonalT-ATX TEMPEST Pentium II
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationComputer, Personal270T-1
HETRA Secure Solutions Corporation Computer, Personal270TXA
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationComputer, PersonalHT-282-T1-DL
BAE Systems Computer, PersonalYT1-BASE-P35
Candes Systems IncorporatedDisk Drive901T-XX
HETRA Secure SolutionsEthernet SwitchHT-53714-T1-AT
Ravenn Data Systems, Inc.FacsimileRICOHSFX3700TE(-1)
Ravenn Data Systems, Inc.FacsimileSFX80TE
Secure Systems GroupFacsimileSSG 890T
Secure Systems GroupFacsimile Transceiver/Scanner/PrinterSSG ILEX 595-TSF
Cryptek Secure Communications, LLC.Facsimile, DigitalTS-10A
Presentey Engineering Prod. Ltd.Facsimile, SecurePresentey 875T
Cryptek Secure Communications, LLC.Facsimile, SecureTS-40
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationHub5208T 10BASE-FL Hub
Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.Hub, Fiber Optic, EthernetTEH12FO-1
Advanced Programs, Inc.Intelligent Ethernet SwitchDNT-101E
Secure Systems Group (SSG)KIV-19Criticom 5020 CLD-T
Advanced Programs, Inc.Monitor, ColorT20SE-IITE
Advanced Programs, Inc.Monitor, ColorT220-Te
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, Color4627T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, Color4615T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, Color4637T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, Color4645T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, Color4647T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, Color4657T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, LCDHT-4917-T1-DL
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, LCDHT-4821-T1-DL
Advanced Programs, Inc.Monitor, LCDDMT-103E
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, LCDHT-4173-T1-SM
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, LCDHT-4822-T1-SM 15"
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, LCDHT-4823-T1-MP 15"
HETRA Secure SolutionsMonitor, LCDHT-4910-T1-PH
Advanced Programs, Inc.Monitor, LCDDMT-107E
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor, LCD 17"HT-4175-T1-MP
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor. LCD4815T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationMonitor. LCDHT-4822-T1-SM
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPeripheral3416T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPeripheral9414T
Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.PrinterEmcon MP-45
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinter LaserHT-34200-T1-HP
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinters Laser HT-32300-T1-HP-110 HT-32300-T1-HP-220
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinter, Laser3508T/3508T-1
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinter, LaserHT-3515-T1-HP-110/HT-3515-T1-HP-220
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinter, Color LaserHT-3535-T1-HP
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinter, Color LaserHT-34650-T1-HP
DNE Technologies, Inc.Printer, Dot Matrix90X0-2T-X
Secure Systems GroupPrinter, Inkjet SSG 70T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinter, Laser3506T/3506T-1
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinter, Laser3512T/3512T-1
Secure Systems GroupPrinter, LaserSSG 4049T
BAE SystemsPrinter, LaserYT1-LSJET5-XXT
BAE SystemsPrinter, LaserYT1-LJ4000-XX
BAE SystemsPrinter, LaserYT1-LJ4050-XX-C
Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.Printer, LaserTLP08-1
Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.Printer, LaserTPL08-2
Secure Systems GroupPrinter, LaserSSG 4000T
Advanced Programs, Inc.Printer, LaserTE4050-XXXX
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinter, LaserHT-3525-T1-HP-110/HT-3525-T1-HP-220
BAE SystemsPrinter, LaserYt1-LJ4100-XX
BAE SystemsPrinter, LaserYT1-MC2LASER-XX
BAE SystemsPrinter, LaserYT1-LJ4200-XX
DRS Advanced Programs, Inc.Printer, Laser LaserJet V-Te
Advanced Programs, Inc.Printer, LaserjetDPT-103E
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationPrinter, Multifunction LaserHT-3380-T1-HP
Wang Government Services, Inc.RouterYT1-2514/XX/XX
BAE SystemsScannerYT1-SCAN-FEED
BAE SystemsScannerYT1-SCAN-6350
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationScannerHT-97450-T1-HP
HETRA Secure Solution Corp.ScannerHT-98250-T1-HP
Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.Scanner, ColorTFBCS-1
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationServer2700T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationStorage Expansion Unit6004T
BAE SystemsSwitchYT1-SWxxx
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationSwitch, Ethernet5002T
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationSwitch, EthernetHT-5912-T1-CS
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationSwitch, EthernetHT-53714-T1-AT
HETRA Secure Solutions CorporationSwitch, Fast EthernetHT-53550-T1-CS
Secure Systems GroupSwitch, Fiber Optic EthernetSSG 2E48-27RT
Advanced Programs, Inc. TEMPEST ServerDST-202E
HETRA Secure SolutionsThin Client TerminalHT-220MC-T1-WY
Advanced Programs, Inc.WorkstationES20Te-xx
Advanced Programs, Inc.WorkstationS20Te-xx
Advanced Programs, Inc.WorkstationTCQ-xxx
Advanced Programs, Inc.WorkstationXpressStation 4-Te
Secure Systems GroupWorkstationSSG X86/600
Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.WorkstationTEMPEST UltraSPARC AXi Workstations
Advanced Programs, Inc.WorkstationDWT-104e

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Jun 11, 2009 | Last Reviewed: Apr 23, 2012